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Fiddler's green talks about folklores of the world through songs of the south Asian subcontinent, sonically connecting them with humane stories of the shires in middle earth, running through the deserts of West Africa, merging with the streets of Havana and Puerto Rico or the wild trekking trails of Nepal or the Appalachian mountains.

Pan Asian folk forms like Bhatiyali, Baul, Fakiri, Bhadu, Tushu,Bihu, Goalpariya, Murshidi, Nepali Gandharva tunes, Sindhi Fakiri Qalams, Goan folk etc etc freely mixed with Celtic traditional tunes, blue grass standards, Jewish folk, afro-cuban guaguancos and rumbas or manuche melodies from an acoustic unplugged sound of the mandolin, nylon string guitar, ukuleles, kazoo, tenor guitar and world percussions ... A unique blend of different folk sub genres ... A very gentle and intelligent blend of Fakiri music from Bengal and Sindh with Bill Monroe and W B Yates ... Songs close to music lover's hearts, songs of the wild, songs of love ...

The band has collaborated with the famous Irish harp player and singer Anna Tanvir and Yann Beaujeoun, a French Gypsy jazz guitar player along with several other musicians from France and England.

ARKO MUKHERJEE - Vocals, Guitar, Ukulele, Kazoo
SHAMIK CHATTERJEE - Guitar, Bass, Ukulele
DIPTANSHU ROY- Mandolin, Tenor Guitar, Dotara
RITOBAN LUDO DAS - Indian & Afro Latin Percussions


One of the most unique vocalists to have hit the world music scene, Arko's high tenor and a natural husk, is unique to sub –continental contemporary music. Formally trained in Indian classical music, Arko is equally versatile with Western and Indian folk songs, blues, soul and tribal music styles which is what gives Fiddler’s Green it’s unique blend of the tradition and the modern. He has been travelling all over Europe and has collaborated with several other projects in France, England and Germany and has played in eminent music festivals in Europe. He is also a popular playback singer having sung in several films, soaps and serials in Bengal and has been nominated for national music awards in India for some of his songs. He has been researching on the roots of Indian music, trying to make a bridge with folk forms from around the world. A documentary called Bhorsha Thakuk Bangla Gaane was made in Bangladesh on him and his stories of travelling with music in 2014, discussing the evolution of Bengali folk music for the last 4 centuries. Along with being a singer Arko plays the Kazoo and the ukulele along with the nylon string guitar. He has recorded and released albums with several other folk and electronic projects from India and Europe. He also has a solo album called Ghater Kotha which is available on the internet for listening and purchasing.


He is probably the only Bluegrass mandolin player from Kolkata who also plays the Italian Jewish styles of the instrument. He has tied up with several folk artists internationally and is well acclaimed for his incredible musicianship. He was invited to the International Organisation for the Liberation of the Mandolin, France in 2013 and played there at the Mandopolis festival. Diptanshu’s dedication towards bluegrass was appreciated greatly in the United States of America when he joined the Mandolin Symposium, Student concert with David Grisman ensemble (CA, USA) in 2014 and went for other fiddle camps in California. Also the Art-Director of one of the leading designing houses of India – JWT, he has a great fan following for his outstanding musicality. He plays the Dotara, a tribal lute from Bengal and has promoted and played with other folk artists of Bengal like Basudev Das Baul etc and have been a part of the organizing committee of Paban Das Bauls Lohagarh Folk Festival. He is influenced by the music of Lalon Fokir, Bill Monroe, Andy Statman, Pandit Bishwa Mohan Bhatt, John Hartford, Elvis Presley etc. His sweet renditions of the Celtic melodies gives the band an international sound.


He is the man with the true essence of folk at heart. The owner of a designing house in Kolkata , Shamik has been an ardent music listener of music across the world ranging from Darbeshi to Miles Davis. He is guitarist par excellence, with immense control over intricate musical rhythms and styles like Spanish, Afro, Latin, Funk, Hip hop etc. Also a true traveller at heart he takes keen interest in researching on folk musicians in Bengal. He has made a documentary on the fakirs of Gourbhanga, and has been associated with several folk festivals in Bengal. Shamik is versatile, multi talented and earthy by nature and also works as an film editor. His influences are from Gour Khyapa to Bob Dylan, S D Burman to Miles Davis etc.

ritoban (ludo)

Ritoban Das is a well known percussionist/ drummer from Kolkata. He is immensely skillful in playing an array of percussion from Indian to central Asian to African and Latin American percussion and has been a regular drummer with city band Cassini's division. He has also been a part of the Orient Express, the only authentic afro-latin band from India. He has collaborated with various folk artists such as Kartick Das Baul and Basudev Das Baul from Shantiniketan. He is an active member in the organising committee of the Jadavpur Baul Fakir Utsav and has been a part of Tanmoy Bose's Sufi Sutra where folk and Sufi Arists from all over the world came together to play under one stage. Ritoban travelled to France twice with Arko in 2013 and 2014 to play in several festivals and concerts there with projects Crossover, Ashram and Barista. His versatility and expertise is the heart of the band. Fiddlers green also features folk artists from across Bengal and promotes them in shows and workshops...

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